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Frequently Asked Questions

HereĀ“s everything we think you should know.

What is LegenDraw?

Legendraw is an innovative AI-powered tool designed for generating custom character portraits for your 5E characters. By pasting your character's link from DnDBeyond, our AI uses a handcrafted prompt to extract specific information and data from your DnD profile, ensuring a unique and accurate portrayal of your character. This blend of technology and creativity offers a personalized touch to bring your role-playing experience to life.

What requirements must be met before I can use LegenDraw?

In order for LegenDraw's AI to access your profile, it must be set to "public". Since we value privacy very much, this is the only way for us to access your data. By the way, the data will only be used to refine our prompt and will not be processed in any other way.

How is this service priced?

Setting up an account on Legendraw is free, and so is generating a portrait by pasting a DnDBeyond link. However, if you wish to remove the watermark from a generated image, it costs $2 per image. As a special offer during our public beta phase, every new user receives 5 free tokens. Each token allows you to remove the watermark from one generated portrait. This system lets you explore and enjoy our tool with some complimentary benefits when you first join.

I don't have a DnD profile but still want to play around with your tool. Is that possible?

You don't need your own DnD profile to explore Legendraw. We provide a sample DnD profile for you to use and experience our tool. Try it out with this sample profile: This allows you to see how Legendraw creates character portraits and get a feel for its capabilities, all without requiring a personal DnD profile. Enjoy the creative process!

What images sizes can I generate?

Currently, the only format available is .jpg with dimensions of 1024 by 1024 pixels. We are planning to introduce more size options in the future. However, we believe that this size is quite versatile and should meet most needs at this stage. Stay tuned for more updates as we expand our offerings!

How can I use the portraits if I purchase them?

Upon purchasing and removing the watermark, you're free to use the portrait for various purposes, including commercial endeavors, except for direct reselling. The essence of Legendraw is to harness current technology for D&D enthusiasts, allowing you to effortlessly craft stunning images of your favorite characters. These portraits can be used as profile pictures, in gaming streams, as part of your digital art collection, for personal branding on social platforms, or to enhance your tabletop gaming experience. Our aim is to enrich your D&D adventures with visually captivating character representations.

How does support and feedback work on Legendraw?

We have a feedback button on every page for your convenience. When you use it, your account email is automatically provided to enable us to respond. If you're not logged into your account when giving feedback, please make sure to include an email address where we can reach you. This system ensures we can effectively address your queries or suggestions, enhancing your experience with Legendraw.